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Men's Work

The importance of coming together in community to build ourselves up is paramount. Simply put, Together we are stronger. We don not need to do it alone. EVER.  In a time where there is such a strong drive to separate us and make us focus on the differences between us, these circles show us the similarities. They let us know we aren't alone. These Events are an Opportunity to be with whatever comes up for you. 



We seek through community to pt compassion in action and set the tone for us to be the best version of ourselves.


mens circle october 2021.jpeg


First we commit for a full hour workout. The idea is to get into the body so we can be more receptive to the heart and the natural impulses and clues the body is always giving. Then to challenge ourselves by getting outside our comfort zone and plunging into the ice. The group is then connected via intentional breathwork and we move into the Connection and Expression part of the meeting. 

NEXT MEETING IS Thursday March 24th. Limited Space.  Email: to Reserve your spot NOW :)

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