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My Coaching Mission

The Mission of Permission

What if we could love ALL parts of ourselves? The truth is about the shadow is that when we are given a safe container to express those parts of ourselves that we have normally deemed un-showable to anyone, that they then no longer pull the strings from the subconscious. This is my Philosophy. Love who you ARE and Love who you are BECOMING


Why Do I need a coach?

WHOLElistic health is about The WHOLE. So its important to look at all 5 tenants of Health: Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Financial. If any of these areas are lacking it affects the Whole. Everything is connected. We can't have independence without interdependence. We need each other. And the truth is, we all have blindspots. Sometimes having a clear reflection and someone to truly listen to you can really help. My job is to do that; and to share the tools that have helped guide me. 

Carpenter Tools

Its ALL in the Tools!

No One can heal you other than yourSelf, but what I can do, is help give you the tools that have helped me

Some of the tools we will work with:

  •  Breathwork- Personalized to Reduce Stress, Increase Clarity, Reduce pain and Inflamation, or Increase Vitality 

  • Tantra Yoga Practices: Personalized Asana Practices catered to your your experience level

  • Emotional Freedom Technique:  Also known as "Tapping" a way to address trapped emotion in the body. Can lead to reduced anxiety and pain. 

  • Non Violent Communication

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Mantra / Hypnotherapy

  • Subconscious Re-Wiring

  • Diet/ Nutrition

  • Shadow Work 


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