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Yoga in the Park

Yoga In The Park

The biggest healers for the body are Sunlight, Fresh air, and nature. Combine that with deep breaths, moving the body, connection with other peeps, and laughter and I think that’s about as healing a combination as you can find. We meet every Saturday in Carlson Park at 11am. Come join!

Men's Work

Want to be supported in creating your dreams and managing your challenges? The goal of these men's circles is to give us a space to become the best version of ourselves. We are at our best...

Permission to Play Shops

The heart and soul of it all. Play. Over-worked and stressed? Come Play. Find out more below. 


These are Weekend Long Retreats designed to do Two things: Inspire Joy and Tap into Purpose through that Joy!

emotional intelligence.jpg

Emotional Intelligence for Actors

As an actor you're trained to do Actions, to know objectives, to understand the script and to "get your lines right" but really at the heart of it is connection. As an actor the

 goal is to experience deep connections. The actor must ask herself, Am I here to "get it right" or to make a discovery? In this workshop we will teach you a variety of tools to learn how to connect deeply. To go beyond the words

Breath is Magic

Breath is Magic. It's what connects the seen and unseen worlds. It can transfer us from our fight or flight to our Parasympathetic Nervous System.  In Breath Magic Yoga, we explore different styles of Breath-work, some meant to help us Reduce stress, bring about balance and peace in the body;  while others are used to reach a blissful psychedelic states. Private and Group Classes Available. 


Heartwashing Retreats

Retreats designed to inspire jofulness. Parted With Neuro-Plastician Indy Rishi Singh, the two of us open a Container that allows the attendees to explore a more silly side of spirituality. No where is it written that spirituality need be serious. Whether you're deep in a serene meditative experience or you laughing UNCONTROLLABLY with your friends, you are still having a spiritual experience. In these weekend long retreats we provide tools to take with you on how to create balance in your life,  de-stress, find deeper meaning, and tap into your highest self.

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