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The Permission Philosophy

My methodology is simple. You're already enough. You don't need to "Get it" or "Get There." You're already it. You're already there. Where you are in THIS moment is the only place you can be EVER. My job is to help give You Permission to be at your highest in this moment NOW.   The Permission to be what you already ARE. To give you the tools to strip away the blocks that keep you from fully shinning. To address the patterns that run the subconscious and to Re-wire them into ones that SERVE you and help you to CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT! To be Your Radiant self.  Together we'll look honestly at where you are consciously or unconsciously keeping yourself from being at your highest vibration.  The premise is in order to establish an enlightened society for others, we need to discover what inherently we have to offer the world. And then, OFFER IT.  SHARE our gifts and do so unabashedly!

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Super Hero Training

The GOAL: To take all of our Tramas and dramas, address them, get real with them and WAMMO, turn em into Super Powers.  State differently, our wounds become our medicine.  Ask Yourself:  What am I here to Offer. What lights you up that services others? There's many different ways to get involved. Personal Coaching session, Breathwork sessions, Permission to Playshops, Yoga and more! See services!

What’s your Superpower_ 🦸‍♀️ This is Ma
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